The Planning Phase of the Poverty Summit began in October 2016 and included a series of 8 Stakeholder Sessions. Through these sessions, Clear Vision shared core concepts, strategies, and activities on civic engagement. And participants shared personal stories, perspectives, barriers, and opportunities.

Action Teams formed, with each team focusing on a different issue related to poverty and income insecurity in Eau Claire County. This Planning Phase concluded in April 2017 when each team presented an action plan, and everyone celebrated what they have already accomplished.

Now the Action Plan Implementation Phase begins.



Each Action Team created a plan to address an issue related to poverty in our local communities. These action plans are the result of hundreds of ideas, concerns, experiences, and opportunities that were shared during the Poverty Summit.

LEARN MORE about the focus of each team. And join us! Action Teams welcome new members. If you would like to participate on a team, just email us at



Many local businesses contributed to the Poverty Summit. The generosity of these COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTORS helped to facilitate the eight Summit Sessions. It supports the work of the Action Teams as they implement plans. And it will allow Clear Vision to document the Poverty Summit process and results, so that other communities with a similar concern can replicate this important civic initiative.



The Poverty Summit is a safe, respectful and welcoming community conversation. It is citizen-led, multi-generational, and local. It is exciting to listen to the stories and feel the energy and passion of participants who care, and want to  make our local communities even better. And it feels good to see college students, retirees, business people, representatives of local organizations, and citizens directly impacted by poverty working together – listening, sharing, and interacting.

You can still join the conversation and be part of this important community initiative. Email your interest and we’ll get you connected!



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