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Engaging Our Community for the Common Good

Clear Vision Board member Tom McCarty presented the Clear Vision Eau Claire citizen engagement model to an audience of city, village and town managers at the annual Academy for Civic & Public Affairs (http://www.uwgb.edu/govt), July 29-August 1, 2013, Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Academy theme was: Emerging Topics: Actionable Insights; Reinventing Management; Rethinking “Normal”; Leading Innovation, and the presentation was as follows:

  • Strengthening Local Democracy through Citizen Engagement:

    Among all the complexities and challenges in local governments, demands by citizens to be more involved in framing and determining public policy may be one of the most topical issues facing managers today. The City and County of Eau Claire utilized a unique approach to involve citizens in civic problem solving and strengthening democracy within the greater Eau Claire community. This session will provide you with background information and definitions regarding citizen engagement and discuss why local government should be involved in this endeavor. The session will also review the citizen engagement model and process utilized in the Eau Claire community, provide hands on training for use of the model, and share the results and lessons learned during implementation of the citizen engagement model in the Eau Claire community.

Clear Vision Chair presents at Midwest Civic Engagement Conference

Don Mowry presented the Clear Vision Eau Claire model to a very interested audience of educators, students and community partners, developers and organizers at the annual Upper Midwest Civic Engagement Conference, May 29-30, 2013 at Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa. The conference theme was “Weaving Deep Connections Across Institutions and Communities” and the presentation was as follows:

  • The Public Achievement Model as a Useful Tool to Foster Community/University Partnerships and Teach Citizens How to Do Public Work:

    Clear Vision Eau Claire is a planning process based explicitly on a participatory model of meaningful citizen involvement. The participatory citizenship model promotes collaborative problem-solving, redefines problems from diverse views, promotes public dialogue, restructures mediating institutions (governments, schools, community organizations) and defines citizens as primary actors in effective public problem-solving.

Additional Presentations

  • Mike Huggins and Cheryl Hilvert, “Tackling Wicked Problems Takes Resident Engagement,” Public Management, August 2013. Article discusses resources and strategies to assist local governments strengthen public engagement. Read more >
  • Mike Huggins, “Community Visioning and Engagement: Refreshing and Sustaining Implementation,” National Civic Review, Fall 2012. Case study of a National Civic League community visioning initiative led by Clear Vision Eau Claire. Read more >
  • Mike Huggins, “Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA: Communities with Clear Vision.” 2008 case study of the Clear Vision initiative published by the Institute for Development Studies and Development Research Centre, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK Read more >